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Ticket Cowboys

Providing everything you need for success in ticket reselling.

Starting from $40/month


Exclusive Information Be prepared for every release. Ticket Cowboys exclusive release guides and support are unparalleled.
Blazing Fast Monitors Never miss a restock again. Ticket Cowboys offers a collection of tools and restock monitors to never miss a ticket drop ever again.
Dedicated Support Team Get the help you need, whenever you need. Ticket Cowboys staff will make sure you are prepared for any drop with 24/7 assistance.
Top Tier Partnerships Upgrade your arsenal. Ticket Cowboys continues to build relationships with top-tier ticket broker service providers to enable members to level up their ticket brokerages to the next level!
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In-House Tools

Thanks to our in-house developers, we have created tools to help you unlock your full potential!

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Logitix Ticket Cowboys is eager to present their ticketing partnership with Logitix, a ticketing platform that combines pricing optimization and real-time ticket distribution with real-time insights into marketplace data to help elevate your business.
TextTrove Ticket Cowboys is pleased to present an official partnership with TextTrove giving our members non-VOIP phone numbers at an extremely affordable rate!



For new or smaller ticket brokers to learn about the ticket industry with exclusive support and guides

$40 /month
  • Exclusive guides and videos to learn about the ticket resale space
  • In-depth guides and analysis provided for events
  • Highly curated list of events pushed to focus on lowering broker risk
  • Connect with experienced ticket brokers while learning the business
  • Access to training sessions, presale codes, partner discounts and more!


For larger or established ticket brokers looking for access to exclusive releases, tools, and resources to scale your business

$150 /month
  • Amazing community of established ticket brokers limited to 150 members
  • Highly curated list of events, including higher risk and Pro-exclusive releases
  • In-depth guides and analysis provided for all events
  • Use of all of our Pro software (drop checker, price checker, and more)
  • Access to private buy/sell marketplace for codes and tickets (coming soon)
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Do I need experience to join? No matter what your experience is we have a group for you! Ticket Cowboys is geared to the more advanced broker while Ticket Cowboys Lite is geared for a new broker.
How much does it cost? Ticket Cowboys is limited to 150 members and is $150/m

Ticket Cowboys Lite is limited to 500 members and is $40/m
What countries do you support? Our event release guides only cover North American events at this time, but we welcome new members from around the world interested in this market!
When will you restock? If we are currently closed you can apply for our waitlist as we are always reviewing applications!
Who is providing the release guides? Published by @thumbsuprun from YT + the rest of the amazing staff.
What if I still have questions? Fire us a message on our Whop page and we will get back to you ASAP!